Welcome to Karanam
An important issue in conducting research is to have the ‘research question’ clearly defined. Our experts will help you design an appropriate research
question for your clinical or field setting.
If you have collected preliminary information and have an idea about the
research proposal, we will help you crystallise your ideas.
This type of consultation will involve discussing the outcomes, population to be
studied, and/or desired interventions. Additionally, we will also be able to help you
with conducting preliminary search, identify the Studies conducted, the methods
used, and the results obtained in the proposed area. This review is often useful
for designing an appropriate research question.
We will be able to assist you with analysis of your pilot data. This analysis in turn,
will help you design further research questions.
Possible Scenarios :  
Scenario 1 :
  I already have a clear idea - I would just like to discuss it with someone else.
- Fine - Talk to us!
Scenario 2 :
  I have an idea of the area/subject in which I want to conduct research. However, I would more information on conducting research in this area.
- An excellent starting point - Contact us and will provide
Scenario 3 :
  I have data with me. I would like some preliminary analyses and visualise the data, to further my research in this particular area.
- Great - We will help you with data analyses and possible areas for further research in that area.
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