Welcome to Karanam
After the research design has been finalised, we will be able to help you write the protocol (including the introduction, methods, and analyses sections) and procedural details of the study.
Broadly, we classify our expertise in two types of researchQuantitative and Qualitative.
A good quantitative study is definitely aided by a good questionnaire.
With our vast experience in designing various forms of clinical and
behavioural questionnaires, we will be able to assist you do the same for your study.
This end product will be a tool which will combine both clinical/field and research
design issues.
Scenario 1 :
As a clinician/researcher you know about the relevant literature and have already finalised the research question. However, things are tight and you are pretty occupied with clinical work. At this point, you would like some assistance with designing the study, designing the tools for the study (questionnaires, protocols, and procedures). This is exactly the type of help we will be able to provide you. You may contact us at time of the study design and we will be eager to assist you with further details on designing the study.
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