Welcome to Karanam
This is a major component of our expertise. Our team is well equipped to conduct epidemiological data analyses.
We will analyse both types of data:
  1) Data collected primarily for research purposes
  2) Data that were collected in the clinic for other purposes, but need to be analysed now.
We will not only help you with the data analysis, but also the interpretation
of the analysed data.
With this analysed data, we will also assist with creation of tables and figures; these
can be used for future presentations and manuscripts.
  Our expertise included analyses of cross sectional Studies, case-control Studies, and longitudinal Studies. These may include some regularly used statistical tests (chi square t-test or advanced modeling issues for large Studies, repeated measures in the same individual, survival analyses – to name a few.
Besides these, we are also equipped to analyses qualitative data. This may include focus group analysis and in-depth interview analysis.
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